Friday, December 25, 2009

How often do Japanese eat rice?

It depends on the individual. In the past, most Japanese ate rice three times a day. These days, they're eating it less often. Rice still is Japanese staple food. But many of them now eat a western breakfast - toast and eggs instead of rice, fish, and pickles. And they might eat noodles for lunch instead of rice. But most people still eat rice with dinner every night.

How do they cook rice?
Most people have an electric rice cooker - for Japanese it's an essential appliance. First, you wash the rice well, and then put it with the water into the cooker. You turn it on to start the process, and the cooker turns off automatically when the rice is done. Almost all cookers have a thermal device which keeps the rice warm all day.

Do they eat a lot of rice?
Yes, when they eat it, they do eat a lot of it. Most Japanese eat more rice at a time than westerners do. Three or four refills of a rice-bowl would not be unusual, especially for men or teenagers.

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